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Apricots in Caramel Sauce

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1Apricots in Caramel Sauce Empty Apricots in Caramel Sauce on 17/8/2013, 12:38 pm


Apricots in Caramel Sauce Upload%5CApricots-in-Caramel-Sauce-4181304827703

• Golden apricots 2 tins
• Sugar 1 cup
• Butter 1 tablespoon
• Orange juice 1/4 cup
• Cream 1 cup
• Fresh mint leaves few sprigs
Cook sugar with ½ cup water in a non stick pan. Heat butter in another non stick pan. Drain and add half the golden apricots and saute till lightly coloured.

Put the remaining apricots into a mixer jar, add ¼ cup orange juice and puree.When the sugar caramelizes, add cream and mix well. Add apricot puree and mix well and switch off heat.

Put some of the glazed apricots in each stemmed glass. Pour the caramel sauce over them. Garnish each glass with a fresh mint sprig and serve hot.

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