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Bradley Manning sentence likely to come next week: Judge

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Bradley Manning sentence likely to come next week: Judge Bradley-manning-sentence-likely-to-come-next-week-judge_170813014041

A military judge says Army Pfc Bradley Manning's prison sentence for leaking scads of classified information through WikiLeaks will likely be announced next week. The court-martial was in session for only about 30 minutes on Friday.

Prosecutors presented four bits of evidence retrieved from Manning's personal computer, mostly communications with his friend, Danny Clark, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, computer expert. The contents of those communications weren't revealed in open court.

A military psychiatrist who examined Manning after his arrest testified Wednesday that Clark was unavailable to Manning during the time that Manning leaked the material. The psychiatrist said Manning felt in hindsight that had he been able to talk with Clark, it might have prevented him from leaking the information. Manning faces up to 90 years in prison for his offenses.

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