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Assimilate Scratch 7.0.755 | MacOSX | 179 Mb

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Posted on 7/8/2013, 1:40 pm

Assimilate Scratch 7.0.755 | MacOSX | 179 Mb 4444x295

Assimilate Scratch 7.0.755 | MacOSX | 179 Mb

The era of Creative DI has arrived. SCRATCH® is the first real-time, client-attended toolset in the industry to marry dailies, conform, editing, color grading, titling, 3D compositing and finishing into a single, consistent interface. This dynamic synergy fuels a new type of creative, fast and fluid DI session that is completely changing the way Directors and DPs look at DI.

SCRATCH benefits:

Optimized for real-time, client-attended interactivity.
SCRATCH delivers the raw performance that inspires a new level of collaboration with your clients. Play and review multi-resolution shots side-by-side and in real-time. Experience incredibly fluid, responsive grading and finishing sessions, and use the time you save to refine your scenes and create the looks that set you apart. SCRATCH delivers DI and finishing at the speed of your imagination.

Fully ACES compliant.
Shipping since November, 2012, SCRATCH was one of the first dailies products on the market to be ACES compliant. Both SCRATCH and Lab fully implement the ACES specification including the file format, the colorspace, as well as device and rendering transforms.

Designed for Ultimate Creativity.
Only SCRATCH seamlessly blends world-class color correction with deep 3D compositing in one unified, real-time system- at a price you can actually afford. No more interrupting your DI session because you have to send beauty shots out to VFX. Does your shot need a quick object replaced? Need to add a Sapphire lens Flare? No problem- with SCRATCH you can handle all these routine VFX fixes right in the DI session without stopping. This new way of working is not only faster and cheaper, but the ultimate in creativity.

Digital tools for the entire post-production workflow.
SCRATCH delivers real-time data management, to dailies playback and review, extremely flexible conform, advanced color grading, unlimited versioning, titling, compositing, finishing and mastering to a variety of formats, SCRATCH is your one-stop solution throughout the entire post-production pipeline.

SCRATCH integrates elegantly with editorial systems
SCRATCH features native MFX and DNxHD support, as well as AAF import and ALE transfer. And because SCRATCH is Interplay and Unity/Isis aware, it fits perfectly into your Avid workflow. Meanwhile, support for FCP XML and ProRes read and write make SCRATCH the ideal companion to Final Cut Pro or mixed editorial pipelines.

Fast, highly interactive conform
SCRATCH offers the ability to create a full DI look within television budgets and at television speeds. Its unique CONstruct™ view supports multiple, side-by-side views of any number of formats in any resolution throughout the entire DI process - even mix 2D and Stereo/3D. Try an unlimited number of versions without the need to render. Moreover, no other tool conforms faster, more flexibly or more accurately with Avid or Final Cut Systems.

Unmatched flexibility.
SCRATCH is highly extensible. Seamlessly integrate via XML with other tools in your workflow such as Nuke, Shotgun, Avid and Final Cut Pro. Extend dailies sessions for remote review and comment or create the kind of automated workflows and client tools that, until now, only the biggest facilities could afford.

SCRATCH is affordable.
SCRATCH delivers double the price-performance than it’s closest competitor. And new subscription options allow artists and facilities the ability to compliment today’s freelance work model with volume purchasing and pay-as-you-use choices, so you can easily match your costs with your revenues.

System Requirements for SCRATCH:

SCRATCH on Windows 7
OS: SCRATCH is optimized for Windows 7, 64-bit operating system.
Processor: Single Xeon i5 or i7 is minimum spec. Recommend dual.

OS: Max OSX 10.7.5 or 10.8.2.
Processor: Minimum Processor requirements: MacPro5,1 - Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processors.

Assimilate Scratch 7.0.755 | MacOSX | 179 Mb 1916408825

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