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Depth Hunter [FINAL]| 423 MB

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Posted on 7/8/2013, 4:11 pm

Depth Hunter [FINAL]| 423 MB DH_cover_1_zps503ab3be

Depth Hunter [FINAL]| 423 MB

Experience the thrills and the danger of the extreme sport of spearfishing! Also known as underwater hunting, Depth Hunter offers 25 exciting spearfishing missions, hunting different kinds of fish all while holding your breath. As if that's not exciting enough, you also need to evade the undersea predators, find hidden treasure and take photographs of the stunning world beneath the waves. Or if you'd prefer a more relaxing underwater experience, you can explore the ocean in lush and soothing free mode.

-25 different tasks
-Spearfishing mode
-Underwater photo mode
-Treasures hunting mode
-Free mode – explore all the levels

Depth Hunter [FINAL]| 423 MB DEPTHHUNTER1_zps9f23a44c

Depth Hunter [FINAL]| 423 MB 1916408825

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