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Honeydew and Mint Ice

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Posted on 10/8/2013, 1:01 pm

Honeydew and Mint Ice Honeydew-mint-ice-recipe-wdy0813-th2Serves: 12 Edit

Yields: 12 servings Total Time: 25 min
Prep Time: 25 min


1 (3-pound) ripe honeydew melon, cut into 2-inch pieces (about 6 cups)
1/4 cup(s) fresh lime juice
1/4 cup(s) sugar
1/2 cup(s) fresh mint leaves


In a blender, purée the melon, lime juice, and sugar until smooth. Add the mint and pulse until finely chopped.
Pour the melon mixture into a 4 1/2- by 8 1/2-inch loaf pan or 1 1/2-quart freezer-safe container. Cover and freeze until firm, at least 6 hours and up to 3 days.
When ready to serve, let sit at room temperature for 5 minutes. Using a fork, scrape the surface of the melon ice to create flakes; divide among glasses or bowls.

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