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Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder V4.5.0

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Posted on 10/8/2013, 6:49 pm



Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder V4.5.0 147e46ebd53493187e19ccdd8d4b1c76

Rogue Amoeba Airfoil for Windows 3.5.1 | 7.8 Mb

Send any audio from your PC to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPods Touch, and even other PCs and Macs, all in sync! Use Airfoil with web-based audio like Pandora, music services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, and WiMP, or any other audio playing on your computer. Airfoil for Windows gives you your audio on AirPlay devices all around the house.

New in Airfoil 3
Receive From iOS Devices
Play audio from any audio app on your iOS device out through your Windows machine!
Remote Control, Too
Airfoil Speakers also offers remote control of select audio sources on Mac and PC.
Receive From iTunes Too!
Airfoil Speakers can now receive audio directly from iTunes running on another machine.
Looking Sharp
Metadata like track titles and album art is now sent to Apple TV and Airfoil Speakers when possible.
Reverse Connect
Airfoil Speakers can now initiate connections back to Airfoil, to start receiving audio remotely.
A Whole New Look
Interface updates for Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers make them both easier and more fun to use.
Basic Airfoil Features
Send Any Audio
You're no longer stuck streaming only iTunes to your AirPlay devices.
Multiple Outputs At Once
You can send audio to multiple outputs around your house, all in sync.
Many Supported Devices
With Airfoil Speakers, you can send to many different devices, not just Apple's approved hardware.
Airfoil for Windows 3.5.1 Released on 8/3/13
Airfoil will now install only on Windows Vista or higher.
Non-Latin characters will not show up correctly in Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers. Go nuts!
The Effects button now correctly turns off when no effects are active.
The Instant On component now provides anonymous data on whitelisted and blacklisted applications.
The support form now properly handles the tab key.

Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder V4.5.0 1916408825

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